"I considered suicide, but I felt a strange fondness for my body, my life. Scarred as they were, they were mine."
- Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye (via fakinq-glory)

(via fakinq-glory)

So I’m searching colleges and I’m getting frustrated. Tuition is through the roof. People say the only way you will succeed is to get a higher education. But how can I when the tuition is so high I will end up working to pay for the loans and debt I had to get in order to get said education. This is not why my parents brought me to America. We need to FIX THIS not just for now but for the future

college tuition dudes this need to be fixed


guys this super cute black girl came in my store with big, beautiful, natural hair and she was showing off her new red dress and i told her “you look so beautiful, just like annie!” and she and her mom didn’t know about the new movie coming out so i showed her the trailer and she said “mommy she looks just like me!” and her smile was so fucking huge

don’t tell me representation isn’t important

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